A look back at BU’s Lacrosse Season Before the Playoffs begin

After the Terriers win over Holy Cross on Friday, they punched their ticket to the Patriot League Quarterfinals and will take on Bucknell tonight.

In their previous meeting, the Terriers ended up losing to Bucknell 9-16 and will be looking to even up the season record against the Bison and move to the semis in the Patriot League Tournament. Regardless of the outcome tonight, the Terriers still have one more game against Duke on May 6th. Before tonight’s matchup we’re looking back at some of the top moments and plays from the Terriers season so far.

Prior to the game, several members of the Terriers roster were awarded for their accomplishments this season. Freshman Chris Gray was named the Patriot League Rookie of the Year and was named to the Patriot League first team while Senior Jack Wilson was named to the second team. Gray is the first Terrier to be awarded Rookie of the Year in the program’s history and has broken records throughout the year. Against Harvard he set the program record for most points in a game at ten. This past Friday against Holy Cross he added another five points which brought his total to 59, also a new record for the Terriers.

Gray and Wilson both have had outstanding seasons and have been consistent throughout. Both attackers have notched a point in every contest this season while Wilson is on a 57 game point streak spanning the past couple of seasons. This is Wilson’s second straight year of being named to the All Patriot League second team.

Gray and sophomore goalie Joe McSorely were also both awarded honors this week for Patriot League Rookie and Goalie of the week respectively following their performances Friday night against Holy Cross. McSorely tied a season low in goals allowed at four and made ten saves in the contest.

It’s going to be all hands on deck tonight but if the Terriers are going to win, Wilson, Gray and McSorely are going to have to play a key role in tonight’s quarterfinal match up against Bucknell.


Data Visualization and the Boston Globe

When it comes to data journalism, the Boston Globe is a great place to start. Tucked away in the Metro section of the website, there is an entire section dedicated entirely to data visualization. However, much like when I discussed the the visuals that the Boston Globe uses (https://dennyhackett.wordpress.com/2018/03/01/visuals-at-the-boston-globe/), one thing stands out and it is that the Globe still struggles to find a happy medium between visuals and text.

The Globe is still very much in the mindset of writing for the paper first and online second in one article,  http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/regionals/north/2014/10/11/zobikes/9wZ4DjuYPOg3DsoSSSuEvK/story.html, instead of being greeted by a visualization of the data the article is based on, the reader is met with a wall of text in typical Globe fashion. In order to actually look at the data, the reader has to click away from the main article to a page that shows the map of bike related accidents and fatalities in Massachusetts from 2010 to 2012. In doing this, the Globe defeats the purpose of trying to reach on online audience by being stuck in their old ways.

Like with their visuals, the Globe is almost stuck in a sort of limbo where it cannot find its identity online and is stuck in the mindset of a newspaper and not using all of the tools that it can at its disposal even though the potential is clearly there for them to do something great.

McSorely and Hilburn lift the Terriers to Key Win over Army

The Boston University Terriers were able to defeat Army 8-7 on Saturday after some late game heroics from senior forward Ryan Hilburn.

The win over Army comes at a critical time when the Terriers are fighting for their lives to be able to get a spot in the Patriot League tournament. With the win, BU improved to 6-6 which gives them a one game lead over Army who are 5-5 following the loss. The Terriers also now hold the head to head tie breaker over the Black Knights.

In a day full of festivities the Terriers were able to squeak out a win after Hilburn gave BU the lead with just 30 seconds left in the game. Hilburn tallied two of his three goals in the fourth quarter while sophomore goalie Joe McSorley did not allow a single goal in the final frame in his best performance of the season.

For the seniors, this was their last game at Nickerson and prior to the game they were honored for what they have been able to do for the lacrosse team. Prior to the game I was able to catch up with Hilburn along with fellow seniors Conor Okmin and Hayden Ruiz to get their thoughts on what will be one of their last games at BU.

McSorely was able to make a career high 16 saves in the win and  held Army to just 7 goals en route to being named this week’s Patriot League Athlete of the week. Freshman forward Chris Gray was able to add two points to his season total of 50 and he became the second player in program history to reach that mark.

The Terriers will continue their push for the Patriot League tournament this weekend when they travel to Baltimore to take on Loyola on Saturday.

Where do I get my Breaking News and How Does the Boston Globe Cover it?

As a reporter it is necessary to keep up with breaking news so, as a student reporter it is important to learn the best way to do so.

For me the best way to get breaking news is Twitter. There are dozens of accounts that just tweet out breaking news and nearly every news outlet has an account dedicated to doing so. The top ones that I follow are CNN’s (@cnnbrk) and BBC’s (@BBCBreaking) because CNN is mostly national news while BBC is mostly international news. As reporters it is necessary to pay attention to what is happening across the world in addition to the U.S. itself so following national and international news sites is a must.

One of the most appealing aspects of using Twitter for following breaking news is the fact that the news comes instantly and does not need to be immediately followed up by an article. This is very valuable because in a lot of cases where news is breaking, it is extremely beneficial to say that something is happening and then follow up on it later once more information is available.

Another important source of breaking news everybody can use is the news app that is built in on all smart devices. If you’re on an Apple or Android device if you just swipe over to the left on your home screen you will have news that is curated directly to you. This is a very underutilized tool that all of us as reporters have right at our fingertips and should pay much more attention to.

In following the Boston Globe for my NewsTrack, I have learned that they cover breaking news in a variety of ways. One of the most notable of these is that when a story is breaking, at the top of every article there is a bar at the top of the screen with a red flashing dot and then a headline for the story that is breaking.

The Globe’s Twitter account (@BostonGlobe) will tweet out if news is breaking or a story is developing. In a breaking news situation, they will tweet out a headline and a preliminary article before adding information to that article and supplementary articles throughout the day. However as a news organization, it could be beneficial to send out breaking news emails to its subscribers. But overall, the Globe does a great job of covering breaking news.

Breaking news is a significant part of our lives as reporters and we need to put ourselves in the best position possible to be able to talk about it. Using Twitter is one way to get it but there are numerous other ways to do so. It is also important that larger news outlets stay on top of it and the Boston Globe’s website is a great example of how to cover breaking news.

BU Freshman Phenom earns Patriot League Rookie of the Week Nod

Boston University freshman Chris Gray has been electric for the Terriers this entire season but has stepped up his performance even more during the last two weeks.

After a stunning 22 points in his last three games, the freshman from Wading River, NY has been hitting and breaking program records across the board. In the loss to Bucknell he tied the team record in points at seven before going on to break that record with a ten point performance against Harvard just three days later. Gray also set a new program record in assists at eight in the overtime loss to Harvard on Tuesday.

One of his best highlights against Harvard was a Sports Center Top 10 worthy, behind the back shot that somehow found its way past the goalie.

Despite being losses, these two games played a huge role in Gray being named rookie of the week but his game against Lafayette also helped to solidify him earning the award because of the consistency he showcased throughout the week.

In the win over Lafayette, Gray added another five points, including three assists. His five points were enough to help the Terriers snap a three game losing streak and pick up their first win against a Patriot League opponent. While the performance does not pop off of the stat sheet compared to his games earlier in the week, it is a testament to the consistency he has shown throughout the season. He has scored a point in every outing while also scoring at least twice in nine of those games. On the season, Gray leads the Terriers with 28 assists and 46 total points, both of which are the top among all NCAA freshman.

Gray needs to keep up his strong run of play this weekend if the Terriers hope to have a chance against the Patriot League leaders Lehigh this weekend when the Mountain Hawks visit Nickerson on Saturday.

Facebook under Fire from Users and Investors alike After Data was used by the Trump Campaign Last Year

Mark Zuckerberg apologized to Facebook users today after it was revealed that lax privacy policies on the social media giant gave a political research firm unauthorized access to millions of users’ profiles that it used to help with President Trump’s campaign.

It is believed that the research firm, Cambridge Analytica, was given access to the user data of nearly 50 million Facebook accounts without permission and now Zuckerberg wants a full review of the data that companies are being allowed access to. In the wake of this fiasco, both the United States and United Kingdom have launched investigations into Facebook and some are even calling for Zuckerberg to face Congress and Parliament. In an interview on Wednesday, Zuckerberg said that he was willing to go in front of Congress over this issue.

The breach of this data initially took place in 2015 when Zuckerberg claimed that an academic named Aleksandr Kogan had unauthorized access to the data and then gave it to Cambridge Analytica. Following that breach, Zuckerberg believed that the data had been destroyed but that apparently is not the case as it was used to help Ted Cruz’s campaign as well as President Trump’s.

After two days that saw Facebook stocks fall by nine percent, its stocks rose by 0.7 percent on Wednesday following Zuckerberg’s apology. It is important to note that after reaching a record high on Feb. 1, Facebook’s stock has fallen by 12.7 percent since then, with most of the drop resulting from this most recent controversy.

There is much more to come from this story and it will be interesting to see if Zuckerberg and Facebook will be able to win back the trust of their users following a controversy of this magnitude.




Terriers Fall to 4 and 3 on the Season After a 16 to 9 Loss to Colgate

Colgate’s top ranked offense proved to be too much to handle for Boston University as the Terriers lost 16 to 9 on Saturday.

The loss snapped a two game winning streak and the Terriers fell to four and three on the season. One of the concerns following the game however was the status of sophomore goalie Joe McSorely.


Following a goal from Colgate at the two minute mark in the third quarter he appeared to suffer an injury to his left leg and was tended to by the trainers for several minutes before limping off of the field with the help of one of the trainers. Freshman goalie Kevin O’Hara entered the game and played for the rest of the quarter. At the start of the fourth, McSorely was able to reenter the game and played until Colgate scored another goal to put them ahead 15 to 9 with two minutes to go in the game. O’Hara once again took his place for the remainder of the game.

The Terriers started strong after a counter attack that led to a goal from freshman forward Chris Gray. At the end of the first, BU was able to maintain a three to nothing lead but things quickly fell apart in the second as the Raiders were able to open the scoring with two quick goals.


The Terriers responded with a goal to stop the bleeding but it was not enough as Colgate was able to score four unanswered goals in the quarter to take a 6-4 lead heading into halftime. The downward spiral continued after the break as the Terriers fell behind 10 to 6 by the end of the third before allowing another six goals in the final frame.

In the loss, Chris Gray was able to match his career high in points with five between three goals and two assists. His performance was outshined however by Sam Cleveland’s six goals and Griffin Brown’s five goals for Colgate.


The Terriers have just under a week to recover from the loss and prepare to head on the road to take on Bucknell on Saturday.